Are your customers and end-users satisfied with the applications you developed and supporting? Do you have old legacy systems that have suffered countless patches due to new requirements and market trends?.

As an IT manager, had you set as an important goal to maintain high service levels, but now demand is growing, the maintenance effort is overflowing, and you feel itís impossible to satisfy new business needs or incorporate new technologies?

If you analyze deeper these perceptions, you may detect that:
Although the applications satisfy users needs, they are lacking the necessary documentation in order to reduce maintenance effort. Software design has gradually deteriorated and a change request implies more analysis and effort. Testing effort is growing and is less effective due to higher complexity. You actually know that this effort could be smaller if the applications were easier to maintain. You depend on certain people who are confident with the software: you know that this represents a high risk for you and your company.

Although you are worried about keeping your database healthy, you have been unable to control the quality of its structure and the basic standards needed to ensure an information support asset with high reliability and integrity. You have to invest considerable effort when you integrate information from different sources. Youíve always dreamt to have a data administration department, but you never have (and suspect that you never will have) the proper time and resources to do this.

The last audit report includes many findings on security aspects and information confidentiality; and leaves you in a weak position in relation to the robustness of the service that you intend to provide. And itís not the first time that this has happened to you.

In addition, upper management has requested that you analyze a reduction of costs for next year
You have to search the market for an integrated solution for a new business need, and you cannot define the requirements of the interface because thereís no functional or technical documentation for the legacy systems.

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