Migration Services

Of critical importance in this migration process is maintaining the integrity of the critical data, including preserving member and project histories. Using our expertise and specially designed tools, Cquent migration services enable the safe, efficient and controlled movement of software assets contained in various legacy repositories to your latest repository.

Cquent migration Services help you take advantage of everything new technology has to offer - while minimizing interruption of associated applications. We take the complexity out of your migration, so you can concentrate on maintaining your existing environment and achieving business goals.

Reaping the benefits of migration

Every migration situation is unique. That's why Cquent Migration Services offer a full range of services that are tailored to your business - from support and training for your team, to assisted rollouts where we work together, partnering if you need a more complete solution, and providing fully managed solutions if you prefer we take care of nearly everything.

We can migrate your applications from virtually any hardware or software platform to the latest, best-suited-to-your-needs offering. We'll help you migrate seamlessly in the following ways:

Transition Services - providing the level of assistance you need to move onward from current legacy.

Integration Services - smoothly transitioning your infrastructure to accommodate technology advances.

More flexibility, more options - Our collaborative approach to migration puts you in control, while leveraging Cquent recognized engineering expertise that spans industry-leading servers, software, and storage. We offer complete migration support to the industry-leading operating systems, such as Linux, UNIX, and Microsoft Windows. Most importantly, our migration solutions are designed to keep your business-critical applications up and running throughout the process. We are geared to maximizing your assets today, as we help you advance successfully to tomorrow's platform.

Data Migration

The hardest part of any migration effort is where to start. The Cquent project manager, experienced in the service provider environment and knowledgeable in the migration of legacy systems will work jointly with the customer to provide the overall coordination across our Professional Services full range of services. Typically, the following activities are included:

  • Research all existing sources (databases, spreadsheets, drawing) 
  • Co-ordinate and facilitate project kick-off meeting 
  • Develop and communicate detailed project plan 
  • Co-ordinate resources and activities for all services 
  • Communicate status of project 
  • Identify, Develop and Resolve project-related issues 
  • Conduct review meeting at the end of each project milestone and phase

Data Mapping and Conversion

Ensuring your data is correct and accurate is an important task in preparing to go live with a new database and Enterprise application. We understand the effort involved in data entry. You do not have to re-enter all the information into the new application. We provide data mapping and conversion services in order to simplify the process of moving your current data from any legacy system into the new database. A script is used to convert the historical or static data. Once the data is converted, it is tested for completion and integrity.

Cquent has an extensive process that guides new users in entering data and setting the correct parameters. The module checks to ensure the data is in the correct order and is complete.

Quality Assurance testing is performed to ensure the integrity of the new database, before user training and preparing to go live with the system.

Platform Migration

No matter what, going from one platform to another involves time, efforts and software engineering manpower. This calls for specialists well-versed in multiple platforms - in terms of development environment, debugging environment, lacunas in each environment and peculiarities of each different platform.

Cquent software engineering team can come to your site, scope out the work and get it implemented and tested at our offshore facilities in India. We have software professionals; for example, who are experts know the equivalent functions between systems, their limitations and how to work around them. We have trained software professionals who routinely look into performance issues and RDBMS tuning problems while migrating from one platform to another.

Given our software testing/QA facility that is expedient in the latest of cutting edge tools, we can round out your migration with complete and exhaustive testing. Typically we can deploy our testing team at the same time as our development team so they can start in parallel to draw out test plans, test cases and work on automated regression testing as well as programming test harnesses if need be.

Cquent translates its wealth of knowledge in various areas into a working solution, and maps out processes that ensure quality deliverables on time and within budget.

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