Application Maintenance

Cquent provides comprehensive software application maintenance services for medium to large enterprises. Services range from undertaking maintenance of existing applications to adding new functionality. Deep experience in understanding and maintaining large applications coupled with an expertise in new technologies help to not only prolong the life of existing applications but also infuse fresh blood into the system. A team of dedicated software care engineers are available round the clock both onsite and offsite to handle all maintenance related issues from defect fixing to adding new products and functionality.

In today's dynamic business climate, considering that IT systems in many large organizations still run legacy applications, it is even more necessary to extract optimum performance from diverse platforms, different architectures and even, often times, applications several years old. The age of these systems, processes and (non) standards followed during their design, development and maintenance, the lack of availability or synchronization of documentation, scarce availability of expertise in the relevant technical skills involved - make up the challenges faced in maintaining and supporting a widespread IT system.

Industry studies show that such regular maintenance activity takes up lot of time and resources of the in-house IT team. The fact is, when the maintenance is handled with in-house staff, it leaves them very little time for developing new applications that are essential for your business to stay competitive.

Cquent application maintenance services not only allow clients to focus on their core business, but taking the value further, Cquent delivers substantial cost reductions - so critical in these competitive market conditions. We, further, improve the quality of applications, boosting uptime and increasing throughput. We provide 24x7 supports - all through the year- allowing systems to run in support of today's real-time business environments.

Cquent application maintenance capabilities include:

Bug fixes, user support, and other essential ongoing maintenance
Root-cause analysis
Re-engineering & porting
Release Management

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