Application Development

Cquent successfully develops leading edge applications by focusing on each client's specific business objective, with an emphasis on integrating into the existing environment.

Every opportunity is different. With Cquent, we deliver consistent results on time and on budget. Cquent provides a methodology, integration framework, and existing modules facilitate the rapid deployment of complex fully integrated applications.

Our application development services range from software analysis, design, development, and testing, to the implementation of application systems in a production environment. We are highly skilled at learning new, proprietary application systems and subsequently providing enhancements, support, and integration assistance.

Cquent has expertise in numerous third and fourth generation languages. We have extensive experience in a wide variety of utilities and methodologies. Cquent also has a great deal of experience in database management systems, particularly, those that implement the relational model. Some representative examples of our expertise include ORACLE, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, Microsoft Access and Sybase.

The role which Cquent plays in each application development project is dependent upon the client's needs. We can support projects by providing an on-site consultant to supplement the client’s staff while utilizing the client's hardware and software. We can also perform the work off-site in our office using our equipment.

Cquent fully supports the Microsoft platform through Microsoft Certified Professionals on our consulting staff that has direct access to Microsoft engineers for technical support when needed. An added benefit is the hands-on experience our consultants receive with new and upgraded Microsoft Software while in Beta development.

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